Costume/Prop Policy

MASSive Comic Con Costume and Prop Policy:

  • NO Swords, blades, knives and other real melee weapons
    Metal swords, metal knives, Claws, and other active martial arts weapons are not allowed.
  • Offensive and/or overly revealing attire is prohibited. If you’re asked to cover up by staff or security, please comply immediately or risk ejection from the convention.
  • No real weapons or functioning projectile weapons; including guns, crossbows, swords, ninja stars, water pistols, silly-string guns, etc.
  • All fake and prop guns must have an orange tip, whether glued plastic or painted.
  • Metal weapons and objects that are deemed harmful towards attendees (sharp weapons and props) are prohibited.
  • No explosives or flash pots
  • Weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons.

Our security and staff reserve to right to refuse any weapon or costume accessory/prop into the show at any time. Additionally, weapons will be zip tied to show that staff has checked them to deem them safe!


  1. Calvin says:

    It’s best I ask beforehand.

    Are selfie sticks allowed? It’s actually part of my cosplay

    • Pat Covey says:

      As it stands right now, selfie sticks are allowed at the DCU Center. However, it is to the discretion of the DCU security to determine if they’re allowed during the event based on attendees at the event.

  2. jake roberts says:

    i have a prop gun and is unable to shoot any thing would i be able to bring it if it has an orange tip and the barrel is plugged its my first comicon so im just wondering what the whole regulations are to prop guns

  3. Sean says:

    So, If I have a prop that is a bat wrapped in barbed wire, but the barbed wire is fake and the bat is real, would that be against policy?

  4. Mike Weatherbee says:

    going to ask anyway but a katana that is made for decoration only and is unsharpened?

  5. jake roberts says:

    would i be able to bring a airsoft gun with the internals taken out of it so it cant fire anything my friend im taking wanted to know if that was ok

  6. Matt Choquette says:

    If I’m doing the Suicide Squad Joker with all of the tattoos on, am I good to be shirtless with the body paint and stuff or do I need to cover up more?

  7. Matt Garbarino says:

    Would a assassins creed plastic hidden blade and the plastic sword cane be acceptable props?

  8. Gary says:

    I have a wooden bokken sword as part of my cosplay, is that permittable?

  9. Wifibitz says:

    What about a bow with fake arrows?

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