Rules & Policies

MASSive Comic Con Rules & Policies

1. You must wear your badge or wristband at all times while at the convention.  You may be asked to show your badge or wristband when re-entering convention.

2. Be kind.  Everyone attending the convention is there to have a good time.  Be courteous and aware of others around you.

3. The Red Shirt Volunteers are ready to help with any questions you may have, if you need immediate help please find one of our Red Shirts and they will guide you to the correct resources to fix your situation.

4. Keep moving!  There is a lot to do and see at the convention.  Please be aware that when you stop in the middle of the aisles to talk or take pictures that can slow down the traffic flow.  A convention that is moving is a convention that is fun for everyone.

5. The DCU Center supplies a variety of snacks and food at the Concession Window.  Please be advised that outside food and drinks are prohibited by convention rules.

6. MASSive Comic Con Employees and Security maintain the right to ask any attendee to leave if they do not abide by the rules and policies enforced by the convention.

7. Naked is not a costume. Please wear appropriate (or at least enough) clothing while attending the convention.  We are a “family friendly” convention.  Please be aware that children will also be admiring your costuming.

8. Please abide by our Costume/Prop Policy. It is important to MASSive Comic Con that everyone is safe and has a good time.

9. Losing items is no fun.  If you find that you have lost items please find a Red Shirt Volunteer and they will guide you to the lost and found. Please note that MASSive Comic Con is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property, or for injuries sustained during the course of the convention.

10. Please do not abuse the convention facilities. This includes putting signs on walls, trash anywhere other than a garbage can, smoking in non-designated smoking areas as well as upsetting the general makeup of the building.

11. Announced events and guests are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. Every effort will be made to announce any changes through: show floor announcements, social media, and the web site. There are no refunds due to cancellations.

12. Last but not least: Have a good time!  Feel free to tag MASSive Comic Con in your pictures through our social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest by using #massivecc

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