Please welcome, DLA Comics!

Welcome to DLA Comics – Buys/Sales/Trades and Comic Convention Services through the CBCS Witness Signature program. We have taken a new turn in our evolution from selling some of my own comics to expanding into being an Authorized CBCS Witness for SS submissions. I am a part of the authorized CBCS Witness program for attending local comic cons to obtain those signatures you have been looking to get from your favorite artist, writer or celebrity. Please watch for a list of upcoming Cons that I will be attending and their guest list. We will also be offering accessories such as CBD Comic Frames. There will be more items in the future added to our accessories for you to purchase with that comic you have always wanted or been looking for. We are in the beginning stages of this transformation from home sales to a service outlet for you so please be patient, come back frequently and hopefully we can become your next best Facebook store. Thank you for checking us out and tag a friend to like us! The more friends the merrier.

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