Costume Contest


Each contestant(s) must have a badge to this year’s convention
Each contestant(s) must adhere to costume and prop policies
Each contestant(s) must be 13 years of age or older to enter (a separate contest for kids 12 and under takes place Sunday)
All costumes MUST be AT LEAST 50% handmade OR altered. Commissioned costumes will be allowed if the creator is present. All  other  store  bought  or  commissioned  costumes  may only  enter  the  walk  on  portion®  (NOTE: our judges will decide if costumes are at least 50% handmade or altered)
Cap for this year’s event in the main contest will be 65 entrants, with a cap of 15 for youth entrants (ages 13-17) and 20 for novice entrants.
40 spots in this year’s contest will be open for pre-registration. You MUST fill out the form and email it to .
25 spots will be open for registration at the show. These are first come, first serve spots in the contest.
Cap for the walk-on portion is 50 entrants.
Costumes MUST be able to enter the stage area. Any costumes unable to enter the stage area that may cause harm to the contestant or other contestants and attendees will not be allowed on stage.

Contest Registration will look similar to the following:
Stage Name(s):
Where the Character(s) is/are from:
In a single paragraph, describe how you made your costume (groups are allowed to fill in more):

In addition to this, contestants WILL need to include photo references on where their costume is from and how they made it. This is needed at time of check-in and those without the previously mentioned paperwork will have points deducted from their final score if those are not provided.

Divisions are as follows for entrants:
MASTERS DIVISION – entrants in this division have won best in show or won multiple awards in past contests at conventions.
JOURNEYMAN DIVISION – entrants in this division have entered contests in the past, haven’t won best in show OR been cosplaying for over a year.
NOVICE DIVISION – entrants in this division have never entered a costume contest before and haven’t been making cosplays for a year or more.
YOUTH DIVISION – entrants in this are between the ages of 13 and 17 years old (NOTE: entrants in the Youth Division who have won awards in the past will be entered in Journeyman or Masters Division).
GROUP DIVISION – entrants in this are in a group of 2 or more (ages of contestants in this division must be 13 and older). NOTE: Those entered in the group division can be combinations of masters, journeyman, novice and/or youth.

WALK-ON (NOTE: You do not pre-register for walk-on) – those who were unable to enter the event but want to showcase their costume. Cap for the Walk-On portion is 75 entrants.

NOTE: Those wanting to partake in the walk-on portion register separately at the contest booth and will not be pre-judged, as well as do not need to pre-register. Walk-on participants will also only be eligible for prizes in the walk-on category.
NOTE: Contestants may be moved to different divisions based on experience.

Contestants will be judged on a point scale by the judges on three criteria:
● Craftsmanship – how the entrant made their costume, use of materials and creativity
● Likeness/Detail – how close the contestant resembles the character they are cosplaying/detail on costume
● Presentation – stage presence, as well as how they present their costume to the judges
Contestants will be judged between 10am to 3pm on Saturday
Contestants MUST arrive to the designated area for check-in and judging. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY.
Contestants will be given 2 minutes to discuss their costume creation with the judges. (NOTE: Judges may allot for more time if needed)
Judges will consist of award winners/experienced judges, whose expertise include armor/prop making, sewing, makeup, wig styling, and crafting creativity.
At this time, the judges will be judging you on craftsmanship, likeness and presentation of your costume.
Additional points may be awarded/deducted based on paperwork presented to judges of costume craftsmanship and reference photos.
Final points for judging will be awarded for stage presentation to the audience.

Contestants are asked to arrive at the designated area ONE (1) hour before the contest begins.
Failure to arrive on time can result in disqualification from the contest! Only contestants will be allowed into the event at this time. Anyone additional must be given the OK by contest organizer.
At this time, the organizer will introduce emcee, judges, line contestants up by division and give additional instruction for the on-stage portion of the contest.
Contestants will be introduced on stage by the emcee, who will announce their name, character and where the character is from. In addition, the emcee with question the entrants about their costume.
Profanity or statements regarding religious, political or any activities that are deemed unsafe will result in disqualification.
Contestants will have a maximum of ONE (1) minute on the stage.
NOTE: You do not provide music or CDs for this.
Surprise the audience and judges but don’t surprise the contest organizer!
Once the last contestant had exited the stage, the judges will deliberate and the walk-on portion will begin during this time.

Entrants in the walk-on portion will have a maximum of 10 seconds on stage.
Each entrant will pose in the marked spot on stage then exit opposite where they entered on.
Winners in this category will be based on applause and costume likeness, so entertain the audience!
Once the walk-on portion has finished, winners will be announced.

Prizes will be awarded for the following:
Best Masters Division
Best Journeyman Division
Best Novice Division
Best Youth Division
Best Group Division
Best Walk-On
Judge’s Awards


Costume Contest
Location: Grand Ballroom North Date: June 24, 2017 Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm