Dave Stevens/The Rocketeer Tribute Sketch-Off

Dave Stevens/The Rocketeer tribute Sketch-Off – Grand Ballroom North


Featuring: Stépane Roux, Ed Smith, Dave Johnson, Billy Tucci, Crees Hyunsung Lee

Hosted by: Dan Brian

For years, The Rocketeer has inspired us with dreams of jet packs. Created by Dave Stevens, The Rocketeer is the story of down-on-his luck aviator Cliff Secord and his adventures after finding an experimental jetpack. At this panel YOU tell the artists what Rocketeer inspired artwork you’d like to see drawn, and if they can do it before their 5 minutes are up, YOU score free art! And as for our artist, well they get to feel proud of themselves for finishing a piece within 5 minutes! How it works: Our audience members walk in get a raffle ticket, we pick a ticket # that person gets to give the panel a subject in which to draw and they have 5 minutes to draw their best version of said subject, ticket holder then gets to pick their favorite and the remaining pieces end up getting raffled off in between challenges.

Location: Grand Ballroom North Date: June 24, 2017 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Ed Smith Stéphane Roux Dave Johnson Hyunsung “Creees” Lee Billy Tucci